Indian plywood sector is largely unorganised businesses with most of the players either small scale, or may not necessarily adhere to industry best practices/ other regulatory considerations and are primarily driven by profit maximisation.

CWC Plyboards looks at the larger picture and like other serious players in the industry believes in a business model that is sustainable, fair and responsible even if it means we may have to cut down on the per transaction profits. As a principle we believe that our customers should take informed decisions, especially when it comes to choosing plywood against other materials and while choosing the variety of product.

We believe that the distributors, end customers, technicians and every key stakeholder in the value chain should know they are selling or buying and for which application. This would help the end customer optimise their cost, and save on losses that may occur due to improper selection of products. Though many of our products are versatile, some of them are specialised and more suitable for a specific function and comes with a different price tag. It would be a win-win-win solution if the end customer is only delivered with the product that matches their requirements.

This meant that we have ended up advising our customers against plywood, if the requirement isn’t a match. For an industry which sustains in small margins, and immense competition from fair and unfair players, this is arguably rare. 

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